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Sleep Study on Dormi DreamLuxe Elite Bed vs. College Dorm Mattresses


Authors: Dormi

In this study, we evaluated the impact of mattress quality on sleep metrics among college students by comparing the standard college mattress with a topper and the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress. Our findings indicate that students experienced significant improvements in various sleep metrics when switching to the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress. Most notably, there was an average increase of approximately 59 minutes in total sleep duration per night, highlighting the substantial benefits in sleep quality and duration associated with the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress.

This research aims to assess how different mattresses affect sleep quality in college students. We focused on key sleep metrics, including asleep duration, sleep performance, respiratory rate, and sleep phases, to compare the effects of a standard college mattress with a topper versus the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress. This has dramatic impacts on student health and happiness, namely that more restful sleep correlates with better moods, higher GPA's, and clearer thinking. 1.

Sleep quality is essential for students' health and academic success. Traditional college mattresses, often basic in nature, may not provide the optimal sleep experience. This study investigates the potential benefits of the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress over a standard college mattress with a topper.

Participants: The study involved two anonymous college students at the College of the Holy Cross.

Mattresses: The control mattress was a standard college dormitory mattress with a two-inch topper. The test mattress was the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress, representing a high-end luxury hotel mattress.

Data Collection: We collected data on sleep metrics using a sleep tracking device.

Procedure: Participants used the standard mattress during the fall semester. For the spring semester, they switched to the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress. We compared sleep data from both periods.

Statistical Analysis: Independent t-tests were employed to analyze the differences in sleep metrics.

The transition to the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress from the standard college mattress with a topper yielded numerous significant improvements in sleep metrics, detailed as follows:

Asleep Duration: One of the most striking findings was the increase in total sleep duration. On average, participants slept approximately 59 minutes more per night on the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress. This significant increase in sleep duration suggests that the luxury mattress substantially enhances the ability of students to achieve longer, uninterrupted sleep.

Sleep Performance: There was a notable improvement in sleep performance percentages among the participants. The average increase in sleep performance was 10.49%, indicating a more efficient and restful sleep experience. This improvement suggests that not only did participants sleep longer, but the quality of their sleep was also enhanced.

Respiratory Rate: A decrease in the average respiratory rate was observed, suggesting a more relaxed and possibly deeper state of sleep. The average decrease in respiratory rate was 0.48 breaths per minute, which may indicate an overall improvement in sleep quality and relaxation.

Light Sleep Duration: Participants experienced an increase in light sleep duration. On average, there was an additional 30.48 minutes of light sleep per night. Light sleep is crucial for memory consolidation and overall sleep quality, indicating that the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress may facilitate these critical aspects of sleep.

Deep (SWS) Sleep Duration: Deep sleep, essential for physical recovery and health, also showed a significant increase. Participants experienced, on average, an additional 14.15 minutes of deep sleep per night. This increase is particularly beneficial, as deep sleep is known for its restorative properties.

REM Sleep Duration: Notably, the duration of REM sleep, critical for cognitive functions and memory, increased significantly. The average increase was 31.74 minutes per night. This finding is crucial as REM sleep is linked to learning and memory processing, suggesting that the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress may contribute positively to the cognitive aspects of sleep.

Overall, these results demonstrate a comprehensive enhancement of sleep quality and duration among the participants when using the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress. Each metric points towards a more restful, efficient, and health-promoting sleep experience, underscoring the significant benefits of using a high-quality mattress.

The findings underscore the critical role of mattress quality in enhancing sleep quality among college students. The Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress provided a more conducive environment for sleep, evidenced by the extended sleep durations and improved sleep phases.

The study concludes that upgrading to the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite mattress from a standard college mattress with a topper can lead to significant improvements in sleep metrics. This increase in both sleep duration and quality emphasizes the importance of providing quality sleep environments in college dormitories.

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