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Top Questions

Is your process sustainable?

Yes, Dormi recycles all materials, and cuts down on the unnecessary waste of mattress toppers every year. Dormi also donates 10% of our profits every year to sustainable initiatives on each campus.

What if I don't know my dorm location yet?

We get your dorm info from the school prior to your move-in. You should still place your order ASAP to ensure availability, the school will provide the location to us later.

What size sheets do I need for my bed?

For on-campus housing, we use the same Twin XL size for the current dimensions of the bed frames in the residence halls. For off-campus beds, we use standard queen sized mattresses designed to stretch out on!

Are your mattresses bedbug-proof?

Yes, Dormi provides mattress encasements that are equipped with features like: bedbug-proofing, water-proofing, stain-proofing, and hypoallergenic material. All you have to worry about is sleeping!

Are the mattresses firm or plush?

All of our luxury mattresses are medium-firm. Designed after luxury hotel beds, our Dormi beds provide the perfect combination of support and comfort for the best sleeping experience for all.

 I'm moving in early, can you accommodate me?

Yes! Just make sure to note your planned move-in date in your order and we will sort it out!