Give The Gift Of Sleep

You'll never have to worry about your son or daughter getting a quality night's sleep again.

Sleep Better, Achieve More.

Better sleep at college is linked to:

  • Higher GPA's
  • Less Sick Days
  • Happier Students
  • More Energy

Dormi Brings Better Sleep

Students sleep 59 minutes longer per night on Dormi Beds.

Imagine what a whole hour of sleep every night can do for your students' success at school!

Here’s why our mattress simply provides more restful sleep:

  • Dormi beds are used in the finest 5-star hotels in the world.
  • Dormi beds are double the thickness of school mattresses.
  • Dormi and have the most advanced commercial-grade sleep technology.
  • With a "best of both worlds" hybrid design, the Dormi Bed blends contouring specialty foams with supportive encased coils that reduce motion while targeting back and core support.
  • Dormi beds are designed with a cool-to-the-touch cover, which actively regulates temperature as you sleep.

How it Works:

  1. Place your order online.
  2. We deliver your bed to your dorm before you arrive.
  3. Leave your Dormi bed behind at the end of your rental. We pick
    it up for you direct from your room!