2024 On - Campus Twin XL Rental - Dormi
2024 On - Campus Twin XL Rental - Dormi
2024 On-Campus Twin XL Rental - Dormi
2024 On-Campus Twin XL Rental - Dormi
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Eco-Friendly Sleep

2024 On-Campus Twin XL Rental

A heavenly 5-star luxury hotel sleep experience, brought to your dorm room.

Students sleep 59 minutes longer on our Dormi DreamLuxe Elite Bed. Order now and find out why!

$349.00 Regular price $899.00

Our Twin XL 10" cooling hybrid mattress is perfect for living on-campus. This mattress is designed to provide universal comfort and support you need for a better night’s sleep. With a "best of both worlds" hybrid design, the Dormi DreamRest Elite mattress blends contouring specialty foams with supportive encased coils that reduce motion while targeting back and core support.

A more contouring top layer of premium, high-responsive foam—paired with individually encased coils—offers just the right amount of pressure point relief for side and combination sleepers. A 2” high-density base foam as a transition layer between the coil system and the premium foam allows for superior comfort.

Dormi takes care of installation before you arrive on campus and removal after the year is over! No need to worry about transport and set-up of bedding material on an already-stressful move-in day! We get your student's room assignment from the school, so you can place your order before you receive that info to guarantee availability!

We place our tamper-proof, bamboo-cooling encasement around your mattress, so you don't ever have to worry about others accessing your bed. We give you a new encasement every year too!

All you have to do is order and sleep!


    • A quilted foam top with high-end knit weave delivers cooling benefits on contact.
    • A soft 2” layer of premium, breathable foam delivers plush comfort.
    • An engineered 6” layer, consisting of up to 961 individually encased coils, allows for exceptional reactivity and motion isolation.
    • A 2" layer of high density base foam while reinforcing coils as they compress
    1. Place your order online.
    2. We deliver your bed to your dorm before you arrive. We place our tamper-proof, bamboo-cooling encasement around your mattress, so your bed is clean and protected. You get a new encasement every year too!
    3. Leave your Dormi bed behind at the end of your rental. We pick it up for you direct from your room after you leave!

    All bundles can be refunded if all years on the bundle are no longer needed. If you don't need all the years in your bundle, email us at info@dormibeds.com before July 1st of the upcoming calendar year to receive a refund for the unused years. Partially refunded bundles will be recalculated at the standard yearly rate, removing any discounts. For example, a 4-year bundle at $1,199 (standard value: $1,396) used for 3 years will be charged at $349 per year, totaling $1,047. The refund amount would be $152 in this case. The refund will be the amount paid minus the cost of the years used.

    2024 On-Campus Twin XL Rental

    $349.00 Regular price $899.00

    Wake Up Refreshed.

    Modeled after the most luxurious hotel beds in the world, the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite Bed provides an unparalleled sleep experience.


    The Dormi Luxe Bed has double the thickness compared to school mattresses. Extra thickness allows for more supportive coils and more contouring foam. Double the thickness means double the comfort!


    Our individually pocketed coils give you extra support where you need it. Enjoy healthy spinal alignment in any sleep position.


    Naturally breathable and hypoallergenic cover made with cooling material that ensures a cool and comfortable sleep in dorm rooms without air conditioning.

    Designed for all

    5-star luxury hotels have spent years developing a mattress that ensures a perfect sleep for all. Now, Dormi has brought that mattress to your dorm room, so you can enjoy a restful night's sleep without sacrificing comfort while at school.

    Sleep can make all the difference in a new, challenging environment.

    Real Reviews. From Real Families.

    I originally thought renting a mattress from Dormi was not going to make an impact in my freshman's life and it was just another needless expense. However, my daughter did have some anxiety and the Dormi mattress helped relax her and get some much-needed sleep. My daughter routinely told me that you could easily tell the difference between her mattress and her roommate's standard issue, uncomfortable mattress just by sitting on it.

    Caitlin Foley
    Dormi on-campus parent '23

    The Stats Don't Lie.


    of Dormi sleepers would recommend Dormi to a friend

    59 minutes

    Dormi students get 59 minutes more of restful sleep per night


    Of Dormi students say they sleep significantly better

    Love your bed?

    You can purchase the Dormi DreamLuxe Elite Bed for your home!

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