Product FAQs

What materials are used in your mattresses?

We use materials that are UL Gold certified for air-quality.

Are the mattresses hypoallergenic?


Where are your mattresses made?

Our products are designed and made 100% in the US!

Do you provide mattress protectors?

In our rentals, our mattress protectors come included. If
you wanted to buy our bed, you can also add on a

Are the mattresses suitable for all bed frames?

Our mattresses are designed to be used on frames with a
flat surface to ensure maximum longevity.

Are the mattresses suitable for all sleeping positions?

Yes! Our mattresses have been tested for all sleeping

Do you offer pillows and bedding with the rental?

Other bedding accessories are not included in your rental,
but you can always purchase them in our “Buy” page.

What sets your rental mattresses apart from others?

Our 5-star luxury hotel beds simply are the best on the
market, and our customers think so too. Our rentals are the
most convenient when furnishing your dorm or house.

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